SHARE | Saturn’s Transit Through Capricorn: how to deal — The Grounded Mystic

Saturn is now retrograde in Capricorn. Here's a quick read on what exactly that means. The Grounded Mystic | Saturn’s Transit Through Capricorn: how to deal . I am in the process of changing my view of Saturn, having grown up in astrology (so to speak) viewing the planet as only a harsh adversary. Some... Continue Reading →


SHARE | Five Tips to Stop Overthinking: from a metaphysical point of view.

Finding myself trapped in overthinking even seemingly insignificant matters, forced me to adopt a system to recognize, and then stop the overthinking process. This advice is not meant to take the place of any professional medical (or psychological) assistance...

POEM | Nocturnal Nature

I find that I grow at night, like a nurtured seed in the darkness of Mother Earth's soil. As the Sun grows during the day, I become energized. But, at night. At night I honor my Life Force and give thanks and praise for My Being. Whatever that state of being is. Because that means... Continue Reading →

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