Sbayit Seshat | Silver Yogini

Sbayit Seshat | Silver Yogin  is my contribution to the online health and wellness community – from a spiritual and metaphysical vantage point. There will be sharing of information and articles (on theses topics) that are as varied as the moon phases. Being a moon child (tropical) and having a given name that is an epithet of the Greek moon goddess Artemis, I have no choice but to be reflective, ever-changing and illuminating – great qualities to have in a blog/magazine, I feel. Sidereal astrology places me as a Gemini, ruled by Mercury – all signs point to communication.

Sbayit Seshat, my Ren or Spiritual/Temple name. Sbayit is a title for a female teacher.  I am a Khametic Yogini Minister & High Priestess | Water Priestess | Spiritual Healing & Interfaith Minister | Earth Steward | Certified Yoga Instructor | Writer | Wife & Homeschooling Mom | an Enterprising Bohemian.

I hope you all enjoy.  Heri [Be at peace].

Sbayit Seshat  ♥


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