Virtual Assist | An Overview


Keeping You Organized & Efficient


Assisting  workers in the Wellness & Beauty Fields. In addition: assisting Lightworkers, Starseeds, Ministers, Priests/Priestesses, Pastors, Metaphysicians, Yogis/Yoginis, Healers, and Empaths.

Service Summary:

Assisting on an “as needed ” or part-timehome-based-customer-service basis. Some examples of services available are:
  • project coordination
  • proof reading
  • social media/blogs
  • custom design of marketing materials (fliers, posters, handbills, brochures, and newsletters)
  • PDF manuals & handbooks
  • meeting minutes
  • customer service
  • customer order entry
  • mail order shipping
  • drafting of mail and email correspondence
  • data entry
  • maintaining an activities calendar/itinerary


CYNTHIA | Sbayit Seshat:  Keeping you organized and efficient.

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